Sealy Nostromo mattress


  • Pillow-top mattress.
  • 1400 pocket springs
  • Contains latex.
  • Named as the ‘top scoring mattress’ and ‘best in test’ by the consumer resource Which?

Delivery:  Delivery will be made by a two-man team to the room of your choice.  Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.



Sealy Nostromo mattress

The Sealy Nostromo mattress has a very comfortable latex pillow top and 1400 pocket springs. It has a medium to soft feel. This mattress gives great support and luxurious comfort. It’s also known as the Sealy Teramo; same bed, same specification.

As well a pillow top the Sealy Nostromo mattress has the 1400 Pocket Spring system, which feature in many of the best selling Sealy mattresses. This Pocket Spring unit is designed to offer luxuriously soft comfort, but also to provide excellent support, exactly where it’s needed and move individually to provide very precise support. Each spring moves up and down to support the body’s contours and movements perfectly. The springs work independently, not sharing the weight energy with one another, which results in very precise support.

sealy beds and mattressesFeatures of the Nostromo mattress include:

  • having a deep, soft layer of Latex on the surface. This layer of natural Latex (known as Innergetic Latex by Sealy) acts to instantly mould to the contours of the body. Effortlessly supporting the spine and further improves the luxurious feel of the bed. Latex requires no heat to soften, and is actually a great material for maintaining a cool and dry sleeping environment. Furthermore, latex is ideal for those with allergies and bed bugs or mites can’t survive on the latex.
  •  a quilted, soft, stretch knit Tencel fabric that is as tactile as it is luxurious. Tencel is a naturally occurring fibre that Sealy have been applying to their mattresses since 2013. The mattress cover maintains a comfortable heat and moisture level at all times. It maintains a ‘micro-climate’ within the bed, by absorbing excess heat and moisture when required, and releasing it when the outside temperature allows.
  • Allergy UK’s seal of approval. The Nostrumo mattress features slow release, friendly bacteria. This process reduces smells within the bed and also controls other allergens.

This Sealy mattress is a no-turn mattress, and requires rotating once each season (more often in the first few weeks after delivery)


Delivery will be made by a two-man team to the room of your choice. Old beds can betaken away for a small charge of £40.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of your new Sealy Nostromo mattress.

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