Kayflex Bronze mattress


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Kayflex Bronze mattress

The Kayflex Bronze mattress is made from 150mm reflex foam with a generous 50mm layer of  memory foam on the top. It gives medium firmness support and moulds to your body.

Memory foam mattresses are ideal for allergy sufferers and people who suffer from asthma, because they’re dust-mite resistance.

This mattress is covered in a soft and responsive knitted stretch fabric. The Kayflex Bronze mattress is fitted with a zip around the sides. This allows you to remove the cover for cleaning. We recommend dry cleaning for best results.

The deep 50mm layer of visco elastic memory foam is temperature sensitive and will soften when it comes into contact with warmth, such as body heat.

Below the memory foam is a deep 150mm layer of reflex foam block that forms a solid foundation, giving additional support.

The Kayflex Bronze mattress moulds itself to your body shape. It reduces pressure points by evenly distributing your body weight. This gives you better blood circulation and reduces tossing and turning during the night. This mattress is designed to give you a better nights sleep.

To make delivery easier the Kayflex Bronze mattress is delivered vacuum packed in a roll. This makes it easy for you to manoeuvre through awkward entrances, staircases with low ceilings and converted loft rooms that have limited access.

The Kaydian Bronzeflex memory foam mattress is manufactured in the UK.

Delivery:  FREE delivery on UK mainland in two to three days.

Firmness : Medium.


Kayflex mattresses

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