Hypnos Reactive Pillow


Dimensions:  70cm * 50cm approx.

Delivery: Please allow 2-3 days for delivery.

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Hypnos ReActive pillow.

hypnos bedsThe Hypnos ReActive pillow will help give you a good nights, restful, sleep. Building on many years expertise in pocket spring technology, Hypnos has developed a pocket sprung pillow.

The Hypnos ReActive Pillow actively supports your head in the best position to help keep your spine straighter during sleep.

This is an ideal pillow for people who sleep on their stomach or back.

The Hypnos ReActive pocket spring construction allows the pillows to instantly spring back into shape. Air can also flow through the pillow to help you sleep at a more comfortable temperature.

Approx size: 75 * 50cm.

The Hypnos ReActive Pillows have the following features:

Pocket Sprung.
Deep, firm support.
Always keeps shape.
Healthy comfort.
Gently resilient.
Luxury 100% cotton Cover.
Non Allergenic.
Allergy tested-recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers.
Spring system designed to relieve neck tension and back pain.

Please allow 2 – 3 days for delivery of your new ReActive pillow(s).


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